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Accompaniment via WhatsApp

From the moment you start a coaching process with me, and throughout the duration of your personal process, I promise to provide you with daily accompaniment -if you wish- through text/voice messages via Whatsapp. The idea of this service is to make you feel accompanied not only once a week, but constantly.

It is important to note that this service does not replace the coaching process, but rather complements it. In the messages you send me, you can tell me how you feel, if you have any concerns, if you need some clarity about something you are experiencing, so that you can calmly decide what (not) to do, or simply feel that there is someone who listens and offers you emotional support.


This service has no additional cost. The idea is to be able to accompany you from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm, as quickly as possible during the day.

What does this service include?

  • Read you, listen to you  and validate your emotions,

  • Resolve doubts about topics that we are dealing with in coaching,

  • Recommend resources such as books, videos, articles, etc., that they consider can help you to better accompany you in the process you are going through,

  • Give you my objective look so you can make a decision (I'm never going to tell you what to do),

  • Recommend exercises and techniques that help you cope with or improve your current situation or complement your inner process,

  • Help you with tips to better manage your emotions or your interpersonal relationships, y 

  •  Provide you with a safe and ethical space, in which you can vent about issues that you may not have anyone to talk to in your daily life.

What is NOT included in this service?

  • Reply to you immediately after receiving your text,

  • Therapy or coaching  by message,

  • Tell you what you have to do (I only offer you perspectives),

  • It is not a psychological emergency service, in case of serious situations such as suicidal thoughts or extreme emotional crises, since I will not be able to be available to you immediately,

  • I don't answer phone calls, and

  • I will not be able to listen to audios of more than two minutes.

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