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If there is something that all human beings have in common, it is that sooner or later and without exception, we all go through difficult moments in life: changes, crises, losses or emotional emptiness. Paradoxically, these moments are often a unique opportunity to learn the most from ourselves and grow as human beings, be it professionally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

There will always be things that are out of your control. The important thing, however, is to be able to understand, accept and take charge of these situations and emotions to produce a positive change. 

Most of us go through moments in life when we don't know what to do or where we are going. Sometimes we even doubt who we really are. Although these moments probably help us understand what we do not want in our lives, it is quite another thing to know what we really want.


What do YOU want to do?


Coaching gives you a safe space to define where you would like to go in life and how you would like to improve it, creating positive goals with a vision of the future. Coaching will give you the tools you need to get to wherever you want to go.

The goal of coaching is to replace the "I can't" mentality with the "Of course I can!" (Or, at the very least: "Fuck it, let's give it a try!"). This is achieved through an exploration of your own reality, your environment, your possibilities and your desires. Coaching provides you with tools to achieve goals within your own reach.


If you want to live each day with purpose and intention, then coaching is for you.

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Coaching will help you get unstuck, embrace change and thrive in the life you want (wherever it is).




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What is coaching?

  • Coaching is a reflective accompaniment process, where the coach accompanies the client to define and/or achieve their goals. 

  • Coaching helps you achieve your goals as you define them, while inviting you to face new challenges and take risks towards growth.

  • Coaching is therefore a journey inward, where the coach will accompany you to  identify your true challenges and your own way of dealing with them.

Coaching 1:1

Personal or Life Coaching sessions are a comprehensive and personalized accompaniment, to help you discover your passions and abilities, face your fears, enhance your strengths and minimize your weaknesses, drawing on the most of your resources. The main objective Life Coaching is to help you achieve a sustained change in your behavior and transform your quality of life on a personal and/or professional level.

Life Coaching sessions can help you…

  • Find out where you are and where you want to go;

  • Align your values and beliefs, and help you live by them;

  • Address internal obstacles and reduce their impact;

  • Regain control of your internal dialogue;

  • Make conscious and determined actions;

  • Develop goals, whether personal, professional, academic, spiritual, mental or physical;

  • Face your limiting beliefs (for example: "I can't do this...", etc.) and achieve the goals you set for yourself;

  • Gain confidence in yourself and regain your self-esteem;

  • Know how to adapt and manage processes of change and uncertainty;

  • Get rid of everything (attitudes, thoughts, etc.) that limits your development;

  • Learn to express your desires and aspirations without fear;

  • Manage your emotions;

  • Modify unwanted patterns of behavior for other desired and useful ones (quitting smoking, exercising, etc.);

  • Improve your relationships with yourself and with others.

All this based on trust, confidentiality and a high level of commitment.

Reaching Out
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Expat coaching

Intercultural Coaching or Coaching for Expatriates integrates the basic process of life coaching with different cultural dimensions. Today, more and more people live  abroad, whether for work, love, adventure or a combination of several factors. Living abroad is always a life-changing experience, but it's definitely not a bed of roses. Intercultural coaching will help you manage personal transitions and the changes that living in a foreign country entails. You will learn to improve intercultural relationships with those around you, be it your boss, your neighbors, your new friends or your partner.

In addition to the benefits of Life Coaching, this program will help you:

  • Understand, accept and manage immigration grief (that is, those things and people you have left behind);

  • Create a new strong social network where you can feel welcomed and supported;

  • Leaving behind the idea of "this is not what I expected, I want to go now";

  • Make the most of the opportunities that your new destination offers you.


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