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Ester Serra Mingot; life coach; professional coach; coach personal; personal coaching

Life coaching and personal growth

Life is a journey marked by constant uncertainties and shifts that can sometimes feel overwhelming. Transitions, regardless of their nature, are seldom straightforward. Whether you're contemplating a career shift, parting ways from a long-standing relationship, or venturing into a new culture in a foreign land, these phases come with their unique set of challenges that can seem daunting.

Yet,  within each of us lies the potential to not only weather life's unpredictable twists and turns but to thrive. With the proper tools and expert guidance, we can effectively navigate these transitions, discover our life's purpose, and successfully attain the goals we've set for ourselves.

Hi, I'm Ester, a professional life coach, a social anthropologist and an endless migrant. I'm here to lend you a helping hand in uncovering your path amidst the complexities of change and transition.

Take back the reins of your life wherever you are!
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“If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.”

-Maya Angelou

Change is not just an inescapable part of life; it's a potent driver for personal growth and self-discovery. Nevertheless, the unsettling sensation of uncertainty and the multitude of questions that come with any transformative process can be paralyzing.

Perhaps you're contemplating a shift in your career trajectory, or maybe thinking of relocating to a different country, state, or city (or perhaps you've already taken that leap and are considering a return to your roots). It could be that you've found yourself back in the realm of single life after a long-lasting relationship—whatever the change may be, it's likely that you're grappling with a swarm of doubts and uncertainties. You're likely asking yourself, "Did I make the right choice?"

During these moments of ambiguity, it's common to feel stuck, unable to move forward because you're unsure of your destination or what you truly desire.

Do you already know which direction you want your life to take?

If you don't know, kudos to you. You having landed on this page is a sign that you're headed in the right direction! The fact of acknowledging that you're stuck and embarking on a quest to address your professional, emotional, or existential discontent is a significant step – possibly the most crucial one.

I'm Ester, a doctor in social anthropology (for whatever it's worth) and an experienced professional life coach with over eight years of experience working alongside individuals navigating various processes of change and transition. I provide a secure and judgment-free space where the focus is entirely on you. Together, we'll identify and transform those limiting beliefs that are adversely impacting your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Life coaching  is a journey of self-discovery, growth, empowerment, transformation, and achievement. Its purpose is to help you confront change, embracing uncertainty as an opportunity to consciously and wholly reshape your life. Together, we'll work towards gaining a clearer understanding of who you are, what you aspire to achieve in life, and how to take the necessary steps to fulfill your dreams and goals.

Do you resonate with any of these situations...?

  • I feel lost, I know I need a change in my life, but I don't know where to start.

  • I don't know what to do... Option A or Option B? What if I make a mistake?

  • In theory I have everything, but in practice I am missing something.

  • I wonder if moving abroad was the right choice.

  • I have changed countries or cities so many times that I feel disoriented, without a clear direction, and without roots.

  • I want to go live abroad, but all my family and friends tell me it's crazy...

  • After living abroad for many years, I have returned "home" and I feel totally lost, can't find my place in life. Everything is different, I feel like I don't fit in here and everyone has built their lives without me.

Hola, I'm Ester (with Melquiades)

As a certified coach, I work with all kinds of people with very different life experiences and facing a myriad of challenges. Having been a migrant myself for the past 20 years, I have particular expertise in "navigating life transitions" myself and also supporting people who are going through different types of changes.


Whether you're a migrant or not, we all encounter similar life transitions. These may encompass transitions like moving from living independently to sharing your life with a partner, embarking on a new career path, grappling with existential dilemmas, or relocating to a different country. The list of potential transitions is enless...

My approach is rooted in deep respect and appreciation for the individual essence of each person. It's centered on assisting you in your unique life trajectory. I hold unwavering belief in the completeness, competence, and intelligence of all my clients. My services are meticulously tailored to meet the distinctive needs of each person, contingent on the phase of life they find themselves in.

With my coaching services, you'll gain insight into the obstacles obstructing your path to your desired destination. Through active listening and devoid of any preconceived judgments, I provide you with personalized, enriching, and dedicated support to help you bring your goals to fruition.

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Life coach Ester S. Mingot te ayudoa mejorar tu aurtoestima y navegar transiciones de vida
Coaching is for you if deep down you know that you deserve something better than what you have.

What can I offer you?

Life coaching

Life coaching will help you:

  • Set clear goals and find your way in life,

  • Improve your self-esteem and overcome limiting beliefs,

  • Get to know yourself better,

  • Make decisions with confidence and full awareness,

  • Set healthy boundaries and improve your personal relationships...​

Expat Coaching 

Expat coaching or coaching for expatriates will help you:

  • Make the decision to migrate (or not) consciously,

  • Take ownership of the process of change that migration (or return) implies,

  • Create a strong social circle abroad,

  • Develop your professional life in your new environment, manage your personal relationships in the distance.

How does it work?

If you want to know more before deciding if you want to start a coaching process with me, you can contact me through this form. ​

Once I receive your message, I will reply to you as soon as possible to arrange a free first exploratory session of 30 minutes. No strings attached!​

In this session, you will be able to tell me more about your situation, what worries you, what you want to achieve, and how you would like me to help you in this process. 

Based on this, I will propose one of my programs, according to your needs. All the packages I offer include the following services:

  • Between 6 and 12 one-hour sessions (approximately) over 6 or 16 weeks.

    • In general, the sessions develop as a conversation where we will question your limiting beliefs, blockages, concerns and fears through a series of insightful questions and activities.

  • If you wish, and you have time, I will propose a series of weekly "homework" to make your process more effective.

  • Constant accompaniment via WhatsApp.

  • If we live in the same city, I offer you the "Walk and Talk" service.


My method

My coaching method is based on three main pillars...


We often know what we don't want, but we are not so clear about what we do want, and believe me, there is a world of difference.

Also sometimes we become entangled with hundreds of ideas and thoughts that crowd together, cloud our minds and do not let us move forward.

One of the keys to my coaching method is to become crystal clear about what you really want in life.


Reflection is the key point between finding clarity and taking action. We can only know what we want when we reflect deeply, and once we have it clear, reflection is essential to be able to draw up an effective action plan.


Once you are clear about what you want, and you understand how your life will improve as a result of it, then it is time to take action. Sometimes we act out of inertia, without thinking if what we are doing is what we really want. Even when we know it, we often act impulsively, guided by the need to move forward and feel better immediately.

If you work with me, all the actions you take will be 100% aligned with your needs.

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Arantza Zavala, España

I had some issues of keeping balance between my professional and personal life and be more flexible with my organization, so I reached out Ester S. Mingot to help me through a coaching process. I needed to find what the obstacle was in my way to find that flexibility. Ester was great as a coach, with an active listening and asking me the right questions and the right time. Through the process I could find my new path to be more compassionate with myself and to create a mindful system that it has helped me to improve my life a lot since then. Thank you Ester for be with me all the way. I highly recommend Ester as a coach.


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